Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Video CHECK!


Well nothing goes right does it?!
I planned to do my video last week, but i got ill :(

(all explained in the video!)

So ive only just done my video, so it will be on tomorrow when ive edited it :)

In my video, i have messy hair, sound VERY commen, and babble on so i appoligise in advance :)

Another video next week when ive had my other measurement scan :)
Thanks for your support girls your brilliant!!

Luce x x

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Hiya :)


Im not sure if you have come to this from my old blog or just found me randomly so for those of you who dont no heres just a quick writen intro for you :)

  • Im lucy
  • Im 19yr old
  • Im 19 weeks pregnant and am due 16th march 2010.
  • This is my 1st baby :)
  • I dont no what sex the baby is until next week.
  • Me and my other half have been together 5years
  • Im a qualified beauty therapist

I used to have a beauty/random blog and when i found out i was pregnant started to do random baby blog updateson there, but from watching a few youtube baby vlogs ive been motivated to do a whole seperate baby blog and post youtube videos of me rambling on on here :)
(cross your fingers it works!!)

So thats just a quick intro, if you want to no more just let me know.
Let me know what you think

Lu x